Designer, Artist


               I was born in Istanbul, Turkey and I am graduated from Parsons School of Design in NY, as a Fashion Designer in1991. After I had finished school, I moved back to Istanbul. From there, I started working in fashion industry. In 1993, I opened my own line and sold until 2000. In the year 2000, I decided to close everything down and move to the U.S in which I  fell in love at first sight.


           My lifelong dream has always been to work on furniture and interior design. Finally, my artistic side pushed me  to work by designing, upcycling and repuposing furniture and homedecor pieces. My  fashion background influences me to use many different forms of textile products in furniture and wall art designs. All my furniture, wall-arts and home decor pieces are hand painted, stained or sealed and waxed. Some wood parts are hand crafted. And also they are all one of a kind.


       These unique, handcrafted, flavorful art pieces make a bold statement in every interior platform. The prevailing idea of my furniture and homedecor pieces are up-cycling, making old beauties shining again, sometimes make them even prettier than before. Long story short,



"Transform past beauties to contemporary posh".